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Our client billing rates are based on payments collected. This is a built-in incentive for us to work your accounts to the maximum level

If you don't collect, we don't get paid!


With over 20 years of experience in medical billing, we can save your practice from the frustrations of dealing with claim rejections, difficult insurance companies, aging Accounts Receivables and staff turnover. We partner with you to ensure:

  • Complete confidentiality and security of your patient and office information
  • Our on-line insurance eligibility feature ensures accurate claims processing by reducing rejections and provides other crucial information, such as coordination of benefits with other carriers and copay information
  • Electronic claims submission to third-party carriers per HIPAA guidelines and claim scrubbing with all data store and secured by IBM's top security facility
  • Access to a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) from the AAPC with extensive knowledge in surgical procedural coding
  • Faster claim payments from insurance companies
  • Timely posting of payments
  • Patient claims submissions to all insurances for secondary balances
  • Aggressive follow up on all claim rejections, with submissions of appeals when required
  • Production of patient/guarantor statements for balances after insurance payments and handling of patient phone calls regarding statement-related questions
  • All patient billing inquiries are handled between the patient and Maximum Performance through our office


To make a point of how Maximum Performance does business, if a claim is not paid by the carrier due to an oversight/error of the billing company, they actually pay us what the insurance would have paid. Knowing that Maximum Performance is doing the job of capturing our reimbursements, enables us as physicians to focus on our job; providing the best medial care possible to our patients.

Laurence Belkoff, DO, FACOS
Urologic Consultants of Southeastern Pennsylvania, LLP

NOTE:  A variety of additional services such as appointment scheduling, e-Prescribing, automated appointment reminders, and an integrated EHR system (Picasso) are available. For further information visit website or contact Maximum Performance.