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No more Updates or Maintenance

  • Freeing you and your staff to maximize patient care
  • Elimination of capital expenditure on hardware and software
  • Elimination of expensive hardware and software contracts
  • Performing upgrades and backups automatically with no fee to the practice (copies provided at request)
  • Providing personalized and comprehensive support because we are open on all business days so you don't have to work around staff vacations, personal and sick time


Consider us your practice's business partner, not just a vendor filing claims.


Not only does MP perform our entire physician billing, but they provide a multitude of individualized services AT NO COST. They are easily accessible and very responsive in handling any request we make (and we make a number of requests on short notice). Although they are an off-site billing service, their personal approach is so team oriented that we consider them a part of our staff. Because of the size and scope of our practice, MP has specialized staff that perform all functions of the billing process (one of which is stationed at our radiation location).



Laurence Belkoff, DO, FACOS
Urologic Constultants of Southeastern Pennsylvania, LLP


Additional Services at NO COST

  • Monthly practice management reports (customized as needed)
  • Additional reports upon request
  • Electronic payment Explanation of Benefits (EOB) are stored on your practice management system
  • Assisting with enrollment of clients to third-party carriers for Provider Numbers
  • Assistance with fee schedule development
  • Mediation of HL7 interface between Practice Management (PM) System and selected EHR when required, including sending fee slips electronically to PM system